BABSCO Supply works closely with pioneer manufacturers to deliver superior-quality industrial electrical supply products. From electrical wires to electric relays, our extensive list of electrical supplies is guaranteed to ensure the success of your projects. Regardless of the complexity or size of your project, BABSCO Supply offers wholesale electric supply services that meet and exceed industry standards.

As a premier electrical distributor, we’re proud to carry top-of-the-line electrical supplies for OEM applications. Our products are competitively priced and quality-tested, so we’re ready to meet all your electrical needs with ease and confidence.

Extensive Product Line

We’re a reputable industrial electrical supply provider that carries your desired electrical supplies. We work closely with multiple industries for their countless electrical applications, so we only deliver products that will improve their bottom line and will support operations in the long run.

Our comprehensive list of electrical products includes the following:

  • Ballasts: We supply fluorescent and electronic ballasts used as a resistor or reactance fixed in line with the circuits that give power to the light bulb. These effectively regulate and control the flow of electricity during different operating phases or voltages.
  • Batteries: Alkaline batteries are a type of primary battery with an electrolyte pH value above 7. We offer them in diverse sizes to suit multiple electrical applications.
  • Boxes: Electrical boxes are primarily utilized to enclose electrical wire connections to prevent short circuits. There are many types of electrical boxes, which vary depending on their materials and applications.
  • Breakers: Circuit breakers are devised to protect an electrical circuit from damage due to overcurrent. Its primary function is to interrupt the current flow to protect the device and prevent the risk of fire.
  • Clamps: Cable clamps are mechanical clips that define the route of one or more cables within a structure or other type of electrical enclosure.
  • Coax: Coaxial cables are predominantly used to support the transmission of radio frequency signals. Coaxial components are specially engineered to block signal interference. 
  • Conduit: Electrical conduits are tubes that protect and route electrical wiring within a building. They’re made of exceptional materials and are primarily rigid, though flexible conduits are also available.
  • Counters/Timers: Electrical counters are sequential digital logic circuits. These are used to measure how many times an event transpired. Apart from counting, it can also measure frequency and time.
  • Covers: Electrical covers can temporarily cover an outlet or switch from external elements and accidental damage.
  • Disconnects: We have electrical disconnects to isolate wirings inside a structure from the power source, such as the utility power service.
  • GFCI Breakers: GFCI breakers are a type of residual-current device. These safety devices break electrical circuits when they detect the risk of electric shock.
  • Grounding Equipment: We supply grounding clamps and wires developed to protect electronic equipment from static electricity and other unwanted electrical currents.
  • Heat Shrink: Heat shrink tubing is used in wires and cables as a second layer of insulation while providing protection against abrasion, chemicals, and other intrusive elements that may damage the cables.
  • Labels: Safety labels or markers are used on electrical enclosures, machines, and equipment to prevent accidents. These contain words, warnings, or symbols to inform workers of hazards, instructions, and proper procedures.
  • Lamps: Choose lamps in various volts, watts, and shapes. We offer indicator, incandescent, HID, fluorescent, quartz, LED, and low-voltage lights.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Lighting fixtures may contain one or more lamps in different forms to give light in a specific area. We supply beacons, pull chains, keyless, under cabinets, and more.
  • Load Centers: Load centers seamlessly distribute electricity throughout a facility. It consists of circuit breakers or fuses to prevent overcurrent.
  • Plugs: Our selection of plugs is available to supply electricity to buildings’ electric equipment.
  • Electric Receptacles: Electric receptacles are a type of AC power outlet or socket. These serve as an endpoint for connecting electric equipment with a power supply.
  • Relay: Electric relays or electrically operated switches open and close circuits by converting an electric signal into a mechanical action.
  • Split Tubing: A type of flexible convoluted tubing is split tubing, which can effectively protect and organize wires and cables.
  • Strut: Struts are crafted inside structures to support, mount, connect, or brace electrical components, such as cable trays, panel boxes, and related equipment.
  • Switch: Switches respond to external forces to mechanically change an electric signal. It can connect or disconnect the conducting path in an electrical circuit.
  • Tape: Electrical tapes are pressure-sensitive tapes that insulate electrical wires and other electricity-conducting materials.
  • Terminals: Terminals are the points in which a conductor from a component, device, or network comes to an end. It’s also employed in electrical connections between parts of an electrical circuit.
  • Wire and Cable: Electrical wires and cables are conductors designed to transmit electricity.
  • Wire and Cable Accessories: We distribute different accessories that complement electrical wires and cables, such as mechanical lugs, crimp lugs, cable ties, wire markers, and rubber grommets.
  • Wiring Devices: Wiring devices include cord grips, turn lock, TVSS, and switches. These devices connect wires safely and successfully in a building or structure.
  • Harnesses: Wire and cable harnesses are available for various industries to keep wires and cables organized and safeguarded.

Outstanding Value-Added Services

Our value-added services provide additional benefits and solutions to our clients, which can increase the efficiency and functionality of their electrical systems.

Our value-added services include:

  • Kitting
  • Wire Spooling
  • Wire Cutting
  • Add-ons

Our clients have varied specifications and requirements, so we’re open to customizing our services to better meet their needs. We’re ready to guide you with innovative solutions to improve your bottom line.

Trust BABSCO Supply for Premium Wholesale Electric Supply

Our company’s inventory is complete with top-quality industrial electrical supplies to support the daily operations of businesses across various industries. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards for safety and optimal performance, from breakers to switches.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of electrical supplies available. You may also request a quote, and we can provide cost-effective options for your business.