What are your business hours?

All BABSCO locations are open from 7:30 am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday.

I’m a manufacturer with specific needs for electrical components such as terminals and wire connectors. Can you meet my needs on a regular basis?

Yes we can! Visit the OEM Customers section of our web site and you’ll find a wealth of information on the OEM side of our business.

I’m a residential electrical contractor who works on new condo and apartment constructions. I have routine electrical supply needs for breaker panels, dimming controls, and such. Can you meet my needs quickly and accurately?

Yes we can! With our extensive inventory, quality products and fast efficient delivery, we can meet your precise needs. Visit the Contractor Customers section of our web site and you’ll find a wealth of information on our featured products and manufacturers that best meet the needs of residential and light commercial electrical contractors.

How do I place an order with BABSCO Supply?

You can call one of our two locations or send an order via fax or email.

What is your payment policy?

For information on OEM finance and credit, click here.

What are your minimum billing requirements?

For information on OEM finance and credit, click here.

What are your methods of shipping?

BABSCO offers free delivery of material on orders over $200.00 that can be delivered on our truck or via standard UPS ground within 25 miles of any of our locations. Orders outside of those parameters will be shipped the most economical way prepaid and freight charged to the invoice. Alternately, we can bill to your company’s freight account.  Premium freight, such as UPS Red or Blue, is also available.

Can I export items out of the United States?

You take title and responsibility for risk of loss or damage at the point of shipment. If you export any products that you buy from BABSCO Supply, it is your responsibility (and not BABSCO Supply’s) to comply with all United States export control rules and regulations and we cannot be named as shipper or exporter of record.

What are your legal terms and policies?

Terms, conditions and policies are subject to change without notice. BABSCO Supply is not responsible for late or delayed shipments or system failures. BABSCO Supply retains title to items purchased until the purchaser pays for said item and at that time the title passes to purchaser.

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